Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior sails to the whales of Iceland

The Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior is en route to Iceland to campaign against the hunting of minke whales, which the Icelandic government is attempting to justify on “scientific” grounds.

Gerd Leipold, Executive Director of Greenpeace International said: “No science justifies the killing of whales. This is simply an underhand attempt by the Icelandic government to resume commercial whaling.”

Government Agrees To Enquiry Into Use Of ‘illegal’ Indonesian Rainforest Timber On Home Office Site


The Government today backed down and agreed to launch an enquiry into the use of Indonesian rainforest timber on the Home Office HQ site , 2 Marsham St, Westminster. In response eleven Greenpeace climbers who
have occupied four 40 metre high cranes on the site for the past 2 days agreed to end their occupation and abseiled down from the cranes. The climbers (9 men and 2 women) were escorted off the site.