About Greenpeace

Millions of ordinary people support Greenpeace around the world every day because they actually do care about this world and all that is in it as well as the ravages that mankind has inflicted on the natural world , it’s flora and fauna as well as the long term damage for future generations to have to cope with.
The prime and most vital purpose of Greenpeace is to ‘bear witness’ as to the major threats to our world, be it nuclear or toxic pollution, damage to natural habitats, lack of action by Governments, failure to ratify major ecological treaties or any perceived threats to the natural world every member of Greenpeace agrees to ‘bear witness’.

Given the mix of our modern life, some potential supporters are committed to bearing witness by generous financial support and they play a vital part in the continuation and development of the organisation. Some potential supporters decide to join a campaign group such as the ones mentioned on this site,where, it doesn’t matter whether you are 18 or 80 as long as you want to give of your time and skills you WILL be made welcome.
Being a group member does NOT necessarily mean that you will be asked to hang off the fronts of power stations or climb oil rigs ( although some of our volunteers have done such things!) – it DOES mean that you will will be welcome to contribute your knowledge, skills and support to the groups in any way that seems appropriate and which you are comfortable with : for example one of our groups in Scotland, at the moment of writing has a couple of librarians, a journalist, a civil servant, several students ( some of them studying the environment) a couple of members involved with professional social/support roles and a member from the electronics industry. All of them play an individual and important group role in bearing witness. The fact that you can enjoy reading this site is a direct result of one of our members who is in the I.T.Industry and who has devoted a great deal of his knowledge and skill in constructing and maintaining our websites.
Many Groups hold a group meeting once a fortnight, and are in the process of developing a diary of varied events, campaigning, training, (national and local) as well as regular social evenings for some light relaxation as well.
Training courses are being planned that are designed to ensure that everyone who wishes to progress to more active campaigning may do so with the maximum amount of experience and support.

There are two important points that you should bear in mind – firstly we welcome all new members who are concerned about our planet and it’s future and who wish to support the organisation and subscribe to it’s aims and objectives.
Secondly it does not matter how little or how much time and commitment you feel you can contribute – IT DOES matter that you feel you can contribute to our avowed task of ‘bearing witness’ for and on behalf of the entire world.Should you wish to confirm the date of the next meeting or wish to ask any questions, please either check the diary pages of our site or alternatively e-mail any of the contacts and we’ll be delighted to tell you more.

Please note this site is no longer maintained for all the latest developments, campaigns, meeting dates and news please visit Greenpeace UK.